Frequently Asked Questions.

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There are no ‘essential subjects’ required for you to study Architecture. However most universities insist that you have a pass in Mathematics. Art can be an advantage, as can Engineering, Graphics and Design (EGD). Physics can also be informative.

1.   No, only persons who are registered and in good standing with SACAP can prepare a building plan for you and submit to local authority for approval. To verify whether a person is registered please call us on 011 479 5000 or email us at

According to section 18 (2) of the Architectural Profession Act 44 of 2000, a person may not practise in any of the registration categories, unless registered with SACAP. Therefore, if any person wants to practice architecture, she or he must be registered. Any person who seeks to provide architectural services of any nature to the public must register.

 The list of study material for the PPE can be found on the SACAP website

The Study Aid may be purchased from SAIA by way of an e-mailed order to:

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