Identification Of Work

The Architectural Profession Act introduced Identification of Work for each category of registered persons. The Identification of Work for each category of registered persons is aligned to the Architectural Learning Sites training programs which are accredited by the South African Council for the Architectural Profession. Therefore, persons are registered in the architectural profession based on experience or qualifications obtained from accredited Architectural Learning Sites.On 30 April 2021, SACAP published the Identification of Work for all categories of registered persons for the architectural profession. The Identification of Work was published under gazette 44505 as Board notice 27 of 2021. 

The Identification of Work introduces the Recognition of Prior Learning, Special Consent, and Limited Special Dispensation. Below is the process to apply for Special Consent, and Limited Special Dispensation.

Procedure to apply for SC and LSD

  1. Step One
    1. Applications must be submitted on the online system or by hand accompanied by application fees as set out in the table below.
    2. The following documentation must be submitted with the application:
      • Certified copy of ID document/passport
      • Certified copies of Qualifications
      • CV indicating years of architectural experience
      • Names 5 of projects that will be used in the assessment.
      • Reference letters, confirming that the applicant undertook the scope of work applying for.
      • Completed self-assessment that forms part of the application.
  2. Step Two
    1. If Step One is successful the applicant shall pay the assessment fee.
    2. The applicant must submit a portfolio of evidence consisting of the 5 projects mentioned above for assessment by the Assessment Panel.
    3. The application shall be invited for a virtual assessment of the Portfolio of evidence by the Assessment Panel.
    4. The virtual assessment shall be in the form of an online interview with the applicant on a date to be determined by the Assessment Panel.
  3. Step Three
    1. If the Applicant is successful with both Steps One and Two, he or she will receive written confirmation of the granting of Limited Special Dispensation  or Special Consent, to perform work outside of the scope of work for the applicant’s registration category.
    2. This can be submitted as proof of approval to undertake as specified in the confirmation, although it is not work demarcated for the specific registration category.
  4. Fees payable



Application Fee

Authentication Fee

Total Fee Payable

Professional Senior Architectural Technologist


R6 500.00

R7 000.00

Professional Architectural Technologist


R3 500.00

R4 000.00

Professional Architectural Draughtsperson


R2 500.00

R3 000.00


 Click to apply Limited Special Dispensation and Special Consent

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