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SACAP promotes architecture as a career of choice

The Construction Education & Training Authority (CETA) and The Energy & Water Sector Education Training Authority (EWSETA) invited the Council for the Built environment (CBE) to participate at their Career Exhibition which took place on Friday 22 April 2022 at Onkgopotse Tiro Comprehensive Technical School, in Zeerust, North-West. Career exhibitions are an integral part of the CETA’s mandate to increase access career awareness, especially in rural areas and townships in South Africa. Zeerust was earmarked as one of the areas that are most rural, for skills interventions.

 In light of the above, CBE invited all the Councils in the built environment to partake at the career expo through exhibition for purposes of creating awareness to learners on the professions available in the built environment. This initiative provided SACAP with a platform to engage with learners from underprivileged background by educating  them about the architectural profession. Particularly about what subjects to study to qualify to enrol to study architecture  and where to study architecture. This intiative was attented by SACAP, CBE, respective CETAs and SETAs.

The Principal from Onkgopotse Tiro Comprehensive Technical School indicated that  most of the learners were studying technical mathematics and he was concerned that most of the universities did not accept technical mathsOne of SACAP representative’s indicated that only Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) and Nelson Mandela University were accepting techical maths.

Proper guidance was provided to the learners in terms of choosing architecture as a career of choice. We are cognisant that learners from rural arears are unaware of the professions available in the built environment specifically  architecture, Henceforth, SACAP has continues to collaborate with CBE to identify schools from underprivileged society for purposes of making the learners aware of the architectural profession.