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Notification to Registered Persons 5th term Council Communication-RPs 2

Following various allegations of poor leadership of the Council, abuse of power by Council President, poor administration by the Registrar, harassment of Female Council members by their male counterparts and corporate governance lapse in the Council, the Minister of the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure launched an independent investigation into these allegations. 

We received the outcomes of the investigation from the Ministry of Public Works & Infrastructure on communication dated 17 September 2021, we are pleased to inform Registered Persons that all the allegations against the 5th term Council members, the President of the Council and the Registrar were found to be baseless and without merit.  The findings demonstrate that these allegations were made in bad faith and infer an objective to tarnish the image of the 5th term Council, the President and the Registrar.

We acknowledge all the messages of support received from Registered Persons during the trying time.

SACAP is fully functional, and continues to follow good corporate governance principles with good controls in place and continues to meet its mandates in order to regulate the architectural profession effectively.

Yours faithfully
Ms Letsabisa R Shongwe (5th term Council Vice President of SACAP)

Thank You