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List of Unregistered persons

In terms of section 18(2) of the Architectural Profession Act No. 44 of 2000 (“the Act”) read with section 26(3)(b), (c) and (d), a person may not practise in any of the categories of registration, unless he or she is registered in the respective category.

Below is the list of persons who are not registered with SACAP, who, in their dealings with the members of the public were reported to have presented themselves as registered persons in terms of the Act.

These names are published and disseminated solely for the purpose of protecting the public. To ensure that members of the public do not make use of any of the persons listed below for architectural work until they are registered in terms of the Act.

  1. Shane Phillips
  2. Wally Brown
  3. Simon Molotsane
  4. Renier Oosthuysen
  5. Hlulani Martin Makhubele
  6. Debbie Ross
  7. Aphiwe Diba
  8. Nolwazi Mekana
  9. Knowledge Madinga
  10. Munsif Thebus

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