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In terms of section 18 (2) of the Architectural Profession Act 44 of 200 (“the Act”) read with section 26 (3) (b), (c) and (d) of the Act, a person may not practise in any of the categories of registration, unless he or she is registered in that category.

Below is the list of persons who are not registered with SACAP, but they have allowed themselves to be held out as registered persons and acted in a manner calculated to lead persons or the public to believe that they are registered in terms of this Act.

These names are published and disseminated solely for the purpose of protecting the public not to use any of the persons listed below for architectural work until they are registered in terms of the Act.

1.      Adriaan P Van Niekerk

2.      Lungelo Mthembu

3.      Hatlane William Maloka

4.      P.J Malokana

5.      Wilfred Davids

6.      Giuliano Guadagnino

7.      Terence William Weise

8.      Martin Rurumayi Kurayi Shoniwa

9.      Andreous Dube

10.  Khumo Matshaba

11.  Aresh Goorahoo

12.  Stewart Mthethwa

13.  Patty Shibambo

14.  Lucky Ndzivere

15.  Sphamandla Mdletshe

16.  Mohale Erwin Ramatapa

17.  Elias Dube

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