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Call for nomination- EMM Programme

Invitation to all interested academic architectural lectures to apply as examiners, moderators and markers to assess the administration of our professional practice examination (PPE)

Whereas Section 14 (k) of the Act enjoins Council to take any measures it considers necessary for the proper performance and exercise of its functions, duties or powers to achieve the objectives of the Act.

One of SACAP’s objectives is to transform the architectural profession, in pursuance of its transformation objective, SACAP hereby invites all interested academic architectural lectures at Higher Education Institution (HEI) to apply as examiners, moderators and markers to ensure effective and efficient administration of the PPE examination.

The purpose of this is to ensure that candidates are provided with standardised and quality examination papers . In addition, SACAP intends to ensure that marking is fair, reliable and valid coupled with learning opportunities that help to develop professional skills and learning opportunities to promote professional growth and individual achievement; thereby ensuring that candidates register as professionals as per SACAP’s requirements.

Application Requirements:

  1. Academic architectural lectures in all our Architectural Learning Sites (ALS) who have more than 5 years lecturing experience.
  2. Applications should consist of the following;
    1. A letter of motivation (comprising a maximum of one page) explaining the applicant’s reason for applying;
      An abridged CV (comprising a maximum of three pages) highlighting her/his academic qualifications, professional registrations and memberships, experience in setting an examination paper, moderation and marking;

    2. As part of the short-listing/appointment process, SACAP specifically reserves the right to request applicants to provide certified copies of qualifications and any other additional information or documentation considered necessary.

Persons who believe that they have the expertise in examining, moderation and marking are requested to submit their applications to SACAP BY NO LATER THAN 19 August 2022.

Applications should be submitted to SACAP: BY EMAIL TO:

All enquiries should be directed to: The Manager: Education, Mr Mzwakhe Hlatshwayo on 011 479 5046