Frequently Asked Questions.

No, SACAP must do an evaluation of your application and assign a registration number before your registration is completed.  You will receive an e-mail, confirming your registration, date of registration and registration number once your registration has been finalised.

You will be requested to submit certified, colour copies of the certain documents with your application.  The following documents will be required for applicants with Foreign Qualifications :

  • Architectural Qualifications
  • SAQA Evaluation
  • Transcript of qualifications (in English)
  • Snr school certificate or equivalent
  • Passport
  • Visa/Work permit
  • CV
  • Offer of employment

It will take approximately 10 working days to finalise your registration, from date of receipt of the application, with all the required documents, in the prescribed format, and payment of the administration fee.

SACAP’s primary role is to protect the public, which it does through the following:

  • Registering professionals
  • Renewing registrations
  • Developing and registering appropriate qualifications
  • Accrediting programmes at higher learning institutions
  • Regulating activities within the architectural profession via a Code of Conduct and a Disciplinary Procedure
  • Facilitating and auditing the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) process
  • Developing and implementing the Identification of Work process
  • Developing and updating the recommended Professional Tariff of Fees
  • Amending legislation as and when necessary
  • Ensuring the public and registered persons are kept abreast of developments within the sector

The Architectural Professions Act, 2000 (Act No. 44 of 2000) (the Act) stipulates that you cannot practice architecture if you are not registered in one of SACAP’s registration categories.