Frequently Asked Questions.

No, the role of the architectural professional during construction is to inspect the works and certify them. In cases where your architectural professional is also the contractor, he or she will be responsible for the underperformance.

The online system will create an invoice, giving the amount payable, SACAP’s banking details as well as the reference number to be used when making the payment.

No, if an architectural professional is found guilty of improper conduct, SACAP has the authority to impose sanctions as prescribed by the Architectural Profession Act only. SACAP has no authority to instruct an architectural professional to refund you. Should you wish to recover monies paid to the architectural professional you may approach the Courts.

No, an application will not receive attention until the payment has been received. 

The identification of work sets out what work each category of registration can perform. Pease refer to the Identification of Work policy.