Identification of Work Committee (IDoW) Role Description The 5th term Council is looking for one registered professional to serve on the IDoW Committee. The purpose of the IDoW Committee is to assist the 5th term Council with the identification of the type of architectural work which may be performed by persons registered in any of the categories referred to in section 18 of the Architectural Profession Act, including work which may fall within the scope of any other professions regulated by the professions’ Acts referred to in the Council for the Built Environment Act, 2000. The IDoW Committee: Consults all stakeholders and develop IDoW and submit recommendations to the Council for the Built Environment. for its consideration and identification of the IDoW. Ensure that the IDoW is not exclusionary and that it facilitates an inclusion, accessibility and transformation of the architectural profession. Ensure that the IDoW does not contravene the Competition Act. Meaningfully cons