Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes, it is a requirement of the Code of Conduct that before an architectural professional agrees to work with you, an agreement must be in writing. The written agreement ensures that both you and the registered architectural professional know what are the obligations and responsibilities from the onset. It is does not matter how small is the project, a contract must be in writing. In the event of disputes, written contract will guide both you and the architectural professional to an amicable solution.
must not use the titles ‘professional architect, professional senior architectural technologist, professional architectural technologist and professional architectural draughtsperson’ or the controlled terms ‘architectural services’, ‘architectural design services’, ‘architectural designs’ (all in relation to building design).

Annual fees: 60 days from invoice date

Renewal of registration: 60 days from invoice date

Other fees: payable on receipt of invoice

Currently only the above-mentioned universities have been accredited or validated. However, SACAP has supported the accreditation of Academy of Institutional Excellence (AIE), Academy of Institutional Excellence (AIE), School of Explorative Architecture (SEA), Arcia School Consulting; STADIO at the Council on Higher Education (CHE).
The architectural professional is required to provide you with the details of the professional indemnity insurance. This must be included in the written contract.