Frequently Asked Questions.

No, you cannot call yourself an architectural professional unless you are registered as a Professional with the SACAP, you may instead call yourself an architectural graduate.
SACAP is aware of this problem and is in communication with these institutions to try and assist them in getting their programmes accredited, so that their students can register with SACAP.
No, an architectural professional cannot guarantee approval of the building plans by the local authority. An architectural professional will prepare building plans with due skill and competence and ensure that building plans comply with building regulations and standards. However, he or she cannot guarantee that the local authority will approve the building plans.
Section 18 of the Architectural Profession Act provides for four categories of registration. The category of registration is determined by the architectural qualifications an applicant obtained. Applicants without a SACAP recognised architectural qualification can be registered as Draughtspersons based on experience. i. Professional Architect; ii. Professional Senior Architectural Technologist; iii. Professional Architectural Technologist; or iv. Professional Architectural Draughtsperson