Document Name Description
Framework_for_the_Professional_Fees_Guideline_BN72_of_2015 BN72_of_2015 Details
Annual_Update_of_the_Professional_Fees_Guideline_BN_73_0f_2015 BN_73_0f_2015 Details
Guideline Professional Fees -Board Notice 172 of 2021 Board Notice 172 of 2021 Details
45500 19-11 NationalGovernment-143-162 NationalGovernment-143-162 Details
Codicil to IDoW Board Notice 27 of 2021 Board Notice 27 of 2021 Details
Requirements for recognition and maintenance of recognition of a Voluntary Association Board Notice 21 of 2021 Details
44593_21-05_NationalGovernment-161-180 Board Notice 31 of 2021 Details
43686_04-09_NationalGovernment Board Notice 103 of 2020 Details
Board Notice 31 of 2021 Publication in terms of section 32(5) of the Architectural Profession Act No. 44 of 2000 (“The Act”) of the finding and sanction imposed in accordance with the settlement agreement signed on 18 February 2021, into alleged improper conduct of the registered person. Details