Service Charter

South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP) service standards charter


1.   Introduction

1.1 The service charter sets out the standards of service all stakeholders can expect from SACAP. We are committed to quality service standards to all our stakeholders including more extensive consultation with and feedback from our stakeholders.

1.2 The concept of quality stakeholder service also applies to the relationship within SACAP itself and we therefore regard our staff as our internal stakeholders. 

1.3 SACAP is committed to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and competence.

1.4  All enquires are categorised as either ‘incidents’ or ‘service requests’ and are given a priority level based on severity.

1.5 We aim to ensure that SACAP focus on service delivery; measure and assess performance; and initiate performance improvement.

2.   Purpose and Values of SACAP


Transformed Architectural leaders serving society in a sustainable built environment


  • A SACAP that is inclusive and transparent
  • An Architectural profession recognised as a global leader in the built environment
  • A clear understanding of our mandate amongst other regulators and stakeholders towards comprehensive conclusive delivery


Responsibility: being accountable for our decisions and actions

Excellence: promoting high standards

Integrity: ethical behavior, honesty and trustworthiness

Respect: ethos of dignity, tolerance and collaboration

Transparency: appropriate disclosure of information and open debate

Cohesiveness: shared, coherent values and aspirations

3.   Our stakeholders

Successful regulation of the architectural profession depends largely on stakeholders’ trust in the fairness and objectivity of the standard-setting regulator. We attempt to earn and maintain this trust by adopting a transparent approach to our dealings with our stakeholders.

SACAP has a wide range of stakeholders including, registered persons, the public, Council for the Built Environment and Built Environment Councils; Local Municipalities; Department of Public Works; and Voluntary Associations.

4.   Stakeholder engagement principles

4.1 Acknowledge:  the issue, question, idea, criticism or complaint;

4.2 Respond: by actioning the enquiry/setting timelines around resolution;

4.3 Follow up: by providing updates on the enquiry as required;

4.4 Close out: to ensure all parties are satisfied with the outcome; and

4.5 Review: with the intent to always look for continuous improvement opportunities.

5.  Our service standards

We comply with our purpose and values and extend these values to all our stakeholders. In our dealings with all our stakeholders, we will:

5.1 be prompt, impartial, open and accountable;

5.2 use the best available information to guide our decision-making;

5.3 be mindful of our governing legislation, regulations and policies when making decisions;

5.4 regard all individuals as legitimate stakeholders;

5.5 seek, respect and be responsive to the issues raised by all our stakeholders, in particular registered persons and the public;

5.6 act with integrity, empathy, professionalism and mutual respect.  

6. Our service delivery

SACAP is committed to providing a level of service that meets or exceeds the expectations of all our stakeholders. We will:

6.1 take a proactive approach in providing information that is clear, timely and accurate and meets the requirements of people with specific needs;

6.2 provide quality services with courtesy, sensitivity and the minimum delay, fostering a climate of mutual respect;

6.3 align our procedures and processes with best national, foreign and international standards;

6.4 keep all our stakeholders, in particular registered persons and the public fully informed about progress of all applications, invoices, payments, complaints of improper conduct and provide information about any delays and subsequent changed timeframes in a timely manner;

6.5 complete applications within stipulated timeframes;

6.6 acknowledge all correspondence or enquiries within (one) (1) day of receipt and provide an expected response within three (3) days while taking cognisance that complex enquiries can take longer to address; and

6.7 if such a reply cannot be issued within three days timeframe, then an interim reply will be issued, informing a stakeholder that the matter is continuing to receive attention.


7.   Our standards in dealing with telephone and emails queries 

For stakeholders who telephone SACAP offices or email our staff, we shall ensure that:

7.1 all telephone callers are treated with courtesy and sensitivity;

7.2 staff give their full name and the name of their Unit when answering the telephone calls;

7.3 a helpful and courteous service is provided to telephone callers;

7.4 staff members are available to answer telephone calls at all times during the normal working hours;

7.5 ensure that replies are clear using technical and official terms only where this is absolutely necessary;

7.6 ensure that all replies carry a contact name, telephone number and email address.

8.   Complaints

All complaints about poor service delivery from our stakeholders should be escalated to the relevant line manager and if the issue is not addressed, it should be immediately escalated to the office of the Registrar. 

We will maintain a well-publicized, accessible, transparent and simple-to-use system of dealing with complaints about the quality of service provided to all our stakeholders.

The importance of stakeholder feedback

Stakeholder feedback is imperative for continuous improvement. We ask that all stakeholders should be open and honest with their feedback on the service SACAP provides.








An architectural fees calculator is a tool designed by the South African Council for the Architectural profession to help registered professionals to calculate architectural fees for building projects.
The architectural fees calculator takes into account various factors such as the size and complexity of the building project, the material used, and the time required to complete the project.

Click here to open the fees calculator


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