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SACAP Registration and other annual fees
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According to the Architectural Profession Act No 44 of 2000 (the Act) Section 12, SACAP may determine the registration and annual fees payable by registered persons. The non-payment of fees will result in a Registered Person being suspended from the register and the need for re-registration.

The Council determines the quantum of these fees on an annual basis, taking into account Council budgets for the forthcoming year and economic factors such as inflation that have an impact on SACAP.

The fees payable by registered persons are as follows:
1. Registration fee - Once-off non-refundable administration fee on application.
2. Annual Fee - Due annually at the beginning of the financial year, that is the 1st day of April;

During the first year of registration the fee is pro-rated, i.e. from date of registration to the 31st March;
The Act states that a registered person will be suspended from the register and they will need to reapply for registration in order practice legally. Other related fees.The Act allows for the Council to charge administrative fees for all other services that it renders

1. ALL INVOICES APPEAR in YOUR MEMBERSHIP (YM) Profile of each active fully paid up Registered Person.
(SACAP will only post an invoice to Registered Persons' who do not have an email address).
2. All cheques must be deposited directly into the SACAP bank account at any FNB branch
(NB: SACAP does not accept cheques in person or via post)
3. Credit Card payments must be directed to any FNB branch or via the internet
(NB: SACAP cannot process Credit Cards payments, as we do not have the facility on our premises)
SACAP does not accept cash in person or via post.
5. SACAP does not accept postal and money orders.
(NB: All postal and money order received by post will be returned to the sender)
6.. All bank charges related to RD cheques (Refer to Drawer or Bank declined cheques) will be debited the Registered Persons account.
7. SACAP CANNOT make out a Tax Invoice to the employer/practice and company who is responsible for paying an employee (Registered Person) account.
8. SACAP can only make out invoices to an individual who is registered with SACAP in terms Section 19 of the Architectural Profession Act, Act No 44 of 2000. 

NB: Council will not be offering any form of rebates and/or discounts to Registered Persons for the current financial year

All inquiries should be directed to the SACAP CONTACT CENTRE via email address :
or the CONTACT US section of the website.

 Please click on the following to view the SACAP Annual Fees and other Charges.


Board Notice : Annual/other Fees

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
SACAP Annual Fees & Charges BN 2016/2017 PDF (1.78 MB) Administration 2016/07/20
Board Notice : Annual/other Fees 2015/2016 PDF (1.2 MB) Administration 2015/04/01
SACAP Annual Fees and other Fees 2014/2015 DOCX (27.48 KB)  more ] Administration 2014/03/24
Board Notice : Annual and other Fees 2013/2014 PDF (451.76 KB)  more ] Administration 2014/03/24