What is CPD
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According to the Architectural Profession Act 2000 (Act 44 of 2000) section 22(2), the South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP) may determine conditions for the renewal of registration.

SACAP has thus determined these conditions and the related CPD requirements, which was effective from 1 January 2007. CPD is compulsory for all architectural professionals.

CPD refers to the following activities which should take place throughout a person’s architectural career:Continuing education and training; Systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of knowledge and skills;Development of personal qualities necessary for the execution of professional and technical duties

The recognised Voluntary Associations (VAs) and Accredited Learning Sites (ALSs) have an important role to play in the implementation of CPD in that they can offer Category 1 activities. VAs can also validate and monitor Category One activities offered by other providers.

Any developmental activities offered by third parties without validation can only be claimed within Category Three.

The recognised VAs are able to charge a fee for validating such activities and should encourage broader participation of the whole profession. VAs may offer a discount to their members as a further benefit.