SACAP Registration fees and other annual fees
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Council may determine the registration and annual fees payable by registered persons in accordance with Section 12 of the Architectural Profession Act, 2000 (Act No. 44 of 2000) (the Act).

SACAP charges a once-off non-refundable administration fee for a first time application. The Act also makes provision for administrative fees for all other services that SACAP renders. Thereafter, an annual fee for both candidates and professionals is due on 01 April and becomes payable within a 60 day period.   The annual fee is charged as a pro-rata fee from the date of registration to the end of the SACAP financial year, which is 01 April - 31 March annually.

In terms of Section 20 (1) (a) (iii) of the Act, Council is mandated to cancel any person's registration who has failed to pay the fees by the due date. Registered Persons whose registration has been cancelled must pay all outstanding arrears plus a re-registration fee before they can be re-registered in order to practice legally.


1. All invoices appear in YOURMEMBERSHIP (YM) profile of each active fully paid up Registered Person.
(Note: SACAP does not post invoices, email or print out invoices. Invoices will be generated on your personal profile on 01 April annually).

2. When making payment please ensure that the correct reference number as it appears on your invoice is reflected on the proof of payment (i.e. YOUR INVOICE PAYMENT REFERENCE NUMBER (9 digit number) e.g. 3000 xxxxx or 30000 xxxx. This will enable the payment to be automatically allocated against your account on your YOURMEMBERSHIP (YM) profile. 

3. SACAP's banking details are listed on the invoice.

4. When making an EFT payment - please load SACAP as a PUBLIC RECIPIENT/COMPANY 
    (FNB & Standard Bank list our details as SACAP)
    (Nedbank and ABSA list our details as S.A.C.A.P)


  • SACAP does not accept cheques either in person or via post.
  • Cheques must be deposited directly into SACAP's FNB bank account.
  • Bank charges relating to RD cheques (refer to drawer and bank declined cheques) will be debited to a Registered Persons account.
  • SACAP does not have credit card facilities.
  • Credit card payments should be directed to any FNB branch or via the internet.
  • SACAP does not accept cash in person or via post.
  • SACAP does not accept postal and money orders.
  • SACAP cannot make out a Tax Invoice to the employer/practice and/or company who is responsible for paying an employee's SACAP invoice.
  • SACAP will only issue an invoice to candidates and professionals who are registered with SACAP in terms of Section 19 of the Act. 
  • On the 21st February 2018, the Finance Minister announced that there would be an increase in the value-added tax (VAT) rate from 14% - 15% effective from 01 April 2018. This will therefore require an adjustment to your subscription as our services are subject to VAT.


IF YOU CANNOT ACCESS YOUR YM PROFILE : Please call the SACAP Contact Centre on Tel : 011 479 5000 or email :

IF YOU HAVE A QUERY FOR THE FINANCE UNIT : Please call SACAP's Finance Unit on Tel : 011 479 5000 or email :

Please see the below board notices for Annual fees and Charges for the financial year.


Annual fees and charges for the financial year

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
SACAP Annual Fees and Charges-2019-2020 PDF (143.35 KB) Administration 2019/03/12
SACAP Annual Fees & Charges 2018-2019 PDF (157.76 KB) Administration 2018/03/22
SACAP Annual fees and charges 2017-2018 PDF (265.11 KB) Administration 2017/03/30
SACAP Annual fees and charges 2016-2017 PDF (1.78 MB) Administration 2017/03/30
SACAP Annual fees and charges 2015-2016 PDF (1.2 MB) Administration 2017/03/30
SACAP Annual fees and charges 2014-2015 DOCX (27.48 KB)  more ] Administration 2017/03/30
SACAP Annual fees and charges 2013-2014 PDF (451.76 KB)  more ] Administration 2017/03/30