SACAP - SACAP Registration Conditions
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Only persons who are registered in the PROFESSIONAL categories with SACAP MAY PRACTICE OR RENDER ARCHITECTURAL SERVICES.

CANDIDATE categories of registered persons work under a mentor and complete a practical training process for the required period, as stipulated in the Practical Training Policy. 

The Candidate must enter into an Undertaking by the Mentor agreement which must be submitted together with the Candidates Monthly Training Records. It is the responsibility of the Mentor to supervise the Candidate whilst he/she completes the practical training requirements.

According to Section 18(2) of the Act, a person may not practice in any category unless registered with SACAP.

Previously, only architects were included for registration under the previous Architects’ Act 1970 (No. 35 of 1970).

The Architectural Profession Act 2000 (Act 44 of 2000) replaced the Architects’ Act 1970, and includes Architectural Technologists, Senior Architectural Technology and Draughtspersons. This has provided access to registration for Candodates and Professionals in other categories within the profession.

How does the process work

Please complete the ONLINE REGISTRATION with the uploading the relevant  CERTIFIED copies of qualifications, a comprehensive CV and proof of payment of the administration fee. (If you have a foreign qualification a SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority) evaluation certificate must be included)

All persons wishing to register in a Professional category are required to write and pass the Professional Practice Exam

The application will be evaluated and the applicant informed of the outcome

 Professional  Architect  Pr Arch  M Arch (Prof)  9
 Professional  Architect  Pr Arch  B Arch
 5 & 6 years
 Professional  Senior  Architectural  Technologist  Pr SArch T BAS Honours
B Arch (Prof)
(4 years, 480 credits)
 Professional  Senior  Architectural Technologist  Pr SArch T  B Tech Advanced Diploma
+ 1 Year work integrated learning
 Professional Architectural Technologist  Pr Arch T  BAS (3 years, 360 credits)  7
 Professional Architectural Technologist   Pr Arch T

Diploma (3 years, 360 credits)
Advanced certificate (total 240 credits)
+ 1 year work integrated learning

 Professional Architectural Draughtsperson  Pr Arch Draught

Higher Certificate
(1 year, 12 credits)
+ 1 year work integrated learning



Please click on the document below Registration Matrix to read more information about the registration conditions, including criteria for persons with qualifications and persons registered with experience.


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