CPD categories
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Subject to the initial phasing-in period, the CPD system will function in five-year cycles. During this time registered persons’ must obtain 25 CPD credits in order to qualify for renewal of registration. The 25 credits must be spread across the three different categories as listed below.

Category One
Development Activities, e.g. workshops, conferences

Category Two
Work-based Activities, e.g. architectural work, lecturing,

Category Three
Individual activities, e.g. membership of recognised voluntary
associations, studies, publishing articles


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Activities are allocated credits as per Appendix A in the CPD Conditions document. Details of the Category 1 activities validated for CPD credits are available under Events & Courses.

A minimum of three (3) credits across the categories must be earned per annum, and credits in excess of five (5) for the year may be carried forward to the following year.

There are a maximum number of CPD credits which can be accumulated per annum in each of the three categories:

Persons falling within the first cycle of renewal of registrations will be required to obtain a minimum of 5 credits. As CPD credits only started accumulating from 1 January 2007, activities prior to this date are not valid for CPD credits

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