Professional Fees Guidlines

On the 7th of August 2020 The South African Council for the Architectural profession (SACAP) published board notice 91 of 2020 the Final Guideline Professional Fees.




Guideline Professional Fees issued in terms of Section 34 (2) of the Architectural

Profession Act, 2000 Act 44 of 2000


The guidelines professionals’ fees repeal Board Notice 121 & 122 of 2015.


Guidelines professional fees describe the two methods of fee calculation: project cost based and time based. Both methods use the definitions of complexity of

the project type derived from the SACAP Identification of Work (IDOW) as set out below:


  1. Low complexity projects

    means simple buildings or groups of buildings in an uncomplicated grouping with low impact on the environment:

    These are structures with low performance requirements. Structures of simple utilitarian character, design and detail. The structures are constructed utilizing

    standard low technology building methods. They require a minimum of mechanical and electrical services or equipment, and basic civil works infrastructure;


  2. Medium complexity projects

    means buildings or groups of buildings in a relatively uncomplicated grouping with a medium impact on its environs:

    These are structures with medium performance requirements. The structures are of average character and design or detail. The structures require non-complex structural

    and civil works and an average level of mechanical or electrical equipment as could normally be handled by design- supply specialist contractors;


  3. High complexity projects”

means a building or buildings in a large or complicated grouping with a significant impact on its environs:

These are structures with high performance requirements and demanding a sophisticated level of design and detail content to respond to specialized

requirements. Complex buildings will usually incorporate comparatively large or specialised mechanical, electrical and other specialist installations, or be of complex

structural or civil design;



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