Professional Fees Guidlines

The Professional Fees committee met on 31 May 2018 and established a guideline professional fees task team who will be responsible for benching marking and creating an architectural relevant research model to determine the model to will be used for compiling the fees. There will be an opportunity for the profession to engage with the draft proposed professional fees guidelines once they will be available for comment. 

The draft Client Professional Project Agreement (CPPA) was submitted to all Voluntary Association (VA’s) for comment. Registered Persons (RP’s) are charged on rule 4.1 of the Code of Professional Conduct, in the absence of not having a CPPA, hence the Professional Fees Committee has compiled this simplified CPPA which is available free of charge. The CPPA does not replace PROCSA or SAIA letter of appointment, but it is a simplified agreement.

Please click on the following hyperlink to access: Client Professional Project Agreement (CPPA) version.

The SACAP Professional Fees Guidelines - Board Notices 121 and 122 are the current Professional Fee Guidelines until Council has developed an alternate fee guideline.

What are the Guideline Professional Fees?

Professional fees are charged by registered professionals providing architectural services. The Guideline Professional Fees are thus negotiable between professionals and their clients.

The Guideline Professional Fees are issued in terms of Section 34(2) of the Architectural Profession Act no 44 of 2000.

The Council for the Built Environment (CBE), which is the statutory body established in terms of Section 2 of the Council for the Built Environment Act, 2000 relating to the Built Environment Professions, requires the South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP) to determine an annual update of the Guideline Professional Fees that are issued for publication in terms of Section 34(2) of the Architectural Profession Act, no 44 of 2000.

The Professional Fees Guideline comprised of either PROJECT COST BASED FEES or TIME BASED FEES


The project fee consists of two parts: the base plus the percentage.
The one is not reflected in the other, and the two figures should be added.
A hypothetical fee account would thus read: R 20 000 base fee plus 7% of R 1 000 000 = R20 000 plus R 70 000 equals R 90 000 total fee

The Competition Act, 1998 (Act No. 89, 1998) exists in order to provide all South Africans with equal opportunity to participate fairly in the national economy and to freely select the quality and variety of goods and services they desire.

Clients therefore have the right to go to any registered person who offers architectural services. The role of educating the public as to the different skills, qualifications and expected performance levels between the categories of professionals; lies with the professionals, the recognised Voluntary Associations and the Council.

Duty of Care Letter - Banking Institutions

SACAP advises Registered Professionals that we do not support the Duty of Care Letter currently issued by South African banks BUT that we recommend that Registered Persons utilise the new Duty of Care letter should you be obliged to sign such a letter by the banks.

Please click on the following hyperlink to access: SACAP Duty of Care letter