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Persons registered during the following years are due for renewal of their registration on 1 January 2016:

1971    1976    1981    1986

1991    1996    2001    2011

In order to comply with the renewal conditions the following CPD credits should have been accumulated over the last 5 years:

Minimum number of CPD Credits in Category 1                               -           5

Minimum number of CPD Credits in the remaining Categories        -           20

Total CPD Credits (Categories 1, 2A, 2B, 3A and 3B)                       -           25


CPD Portfolios submitted for 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 will appear on your Profile on the SACAP Portal.


You are requested to upload all outstanding CPD credits for these years, as well as the credits obtained in 2015 directly on you Profile, under ‘Professional Development’ before 1 January 2016.


Registered Persons renewing their registration will no longer have to submit an application to do so.  You are however requested to ensure that your personal details are correct on your Profile when you submit the CPD credits.  An amount of R539.33 (R473.10 + R66.23 VAT) is payable for renewal and the invoice is available on the profile of persons that are up for renewal.

If the Registered Professional complied with the conditions for renewal of registration, and paid the renewal fee, an updated registration certificate will be available and can be printed from their profile.

CPD : General Information

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Conditions relating to CPD BN 43 of 2017 PDF (424.91 KB) Administration 2017/05/04
Conditions relating to CPD BN 30 of 2009 PDF (226.71 KB) Administration 2015/02/05
CPD : General Information PDF (34.66 KB) Administration 2014/09/03