Voluntary Associations
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Voluntary Associations (VAs) have an important role to play in the implementation of CPD in that they can offer Category one activities, as well as validate and monitor activities offered (in Category one only) by other providers.

The VAs may charge a fee for validating CPD Category one activities and should ensure broader access and participation of the whole profession. VAs may offer discounts to their members as a further benefit.
Whereas it is compulsory for any person offering architectural services to be registered with SACAP, membership of voluntary associations is not compulsory. SACAP strongly encourages Architectural professionals to belong to at least one recognised VA.

These associations are autonomous bodies which promote and protect the interests of their members.

The current voluntary associations recognised by SACAP are:

The Cape Institute for Architecture
CIfA, a Region of SAIA (The South African Institute of Architects)
website : www.cifa.org.za

Freedom Architecture Consulting Empowerment (FACE)

Gauteng Institute for Architecture a Region of SAIA (GIfA)
website : www.gifa.org.za

Pretoria Institute for Architecture, a Region of SAIA (PIA)
website : www.pia.org.za

SAIA Border Kei, Border Kei Region of the South African Institute of Architects
website : www.bkia.co.za

SAIA Eastern Cape, Eastern Cape Region of the South African Institute of Architects
website : www.ecia.co.za

SAIA Free State
website : www.saiafs.org.za

SAIA KZN, KZN Region of the South African Institute of Architects
website : www.kznia.org.za

South African Institute of Architects (SAIA)
website : www.saia.org.za

South African Institute of Building Design (SAIBD)
website : www.saibd.co.za

South African Institute of Draughting NPC (SAID)
website : www.SAIDraughting.com 

The African Institute of Interior Design Professions (IID)
website : www.iidprofessions.org.za

The South African Institute of Architectural Technologist NPC (SAIAT)
website : www.saiat.org.za

Voluntary Association

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SACAP Voluntary Associations
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Voluntary Association Recognition BN 86 of 2016 PDF (1.88 MB) Administration 2016/07/20