2019 SACAP AMNESTY - Candidates and Professionals
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All architectural candidates and professionals previously removed are invited to apply for AMNESTY to RE-REGISTER



All previously REMOVED architectural Candidates and Professionals may APPLY for RE-REGISTRATION

At a Council meeting of the South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP), held on 28 February 2019, Council RESOLVED to approve the 2019 Amnesty process.

This process is only applicable to persons that were registered, but had their registration cancelled, due to non-payment of annual fees.  It is not applicable to persons that are removed due to disciplinary action, and is also not applicable to persons that were not registered with SACAP in the past.

The purpose of this project is to grant removed Registered Persons amnesty for non-payment of annual fees and their consequential removal from the database of the SACAP.  This process affords you the opportunity to start practicing your profession legally again.

In terms of the 2019 Amnesty process, removed persons would be required to pay a pre-determined fee as amnesty, plus an administration fee.

Previously Registered Persons will be liable for payment of the following amount, for re-registration, in terms of the 2019 Amnesty:


Annual fee 2019/20           R3 174.00

Administration fee              R   500.00

TOTAL                               R3 674.00



Annual fee 2019/20           R1 356.00

Administration fee             R   500.00

TOTAL                              R1 856.00


  • Select the application for the category that you were previously registered in, and complete the form;
  • Ensure that you follow the application process to the end, in order for an invoice, with a unique reference number, to be created for your application.
  • It is important to use this reference number when making the payment, as it will link your payment to the application.

Queries regarding the 2019 Amnesty Process can be forwarded to SACAP, by e-mail, to the following e-mail address: