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FACE response to the Petition to dissolve the current SACAP Board

Monday, 13 March 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Jacquie Cullis
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Letter issued by Freedom Architecture Consulting Empowerment (“FACE”) in response to the petition entitled:

Objection from “FACE”, to the “Petition to Dissolve the Current SACAP Board Council” The Architectural Statuary Body.

FACE, established in February 2011 is an Architectural Voluntary Association recognised by SACAP. Our membership base serves mainly the poorest of the communities which the profession has historically ignored. We presently lead and administer through the Architectural platform, with recognised CPD courses, ensure justice in architecture and the long awaited RPL.

We addressing with immediate affect the social issues and redress in the post-apartheid South Africa for the Architectural profession’s advancement and giving the poorest communities their constitutional right to access architectural professionals to ensure that they receive high quality Architectural service and standards.

SACAP is legally mandated as the Statutory Body, by The Architectural Profession Act 2000, Act 44 of 2000, therefore administers the architectural profession for ALL the categories under the Act as follows:-

a) Architects

b) Senior Architectural Technologist

c) Architectural Technologist

d) Architectural Draughtspersons

We hereby categorically endorse and support the vision and mission of SACAP in transformation of the architectural profession for ALL the professions under its auspices. The current Council has achieved the most transformation and redress for the architectural profession to date.

We therefore object to any persons of any organisations such as “Architects for Change” (A4C) that seek to bring SACAP into disrepute.

We wish to also state that the television comments by Mr Krynaw Nel on SABC 2 Morning Live on Saturday morning, 11thMarch 2017, was an embarrassment and insult to the transformed architectural profession and society.

We respectfully request that SACAP continue to consider true and effective transformation within the historically ignored public in the poorest communities and the architectural professionals that truly and respectfully serve them.

In conclusion, we at FACE record our disappointment with the “Architects for Change” (A4C) with their elitist and non-transformational agenda. It is time for the status quo to CHANGE.

Yours in Respected and Transformed Development.

(President-B.Pillay, Vice-President-M.Wiseman, Chairman-D.Singh, Vice-chair- R.Sewsanker, Treasurer- P.Ellen, N.Singh-Higher Education) (D.Cookson-CPD Officer, Women Events–J.Barnard, J.Naicker(Women), M.Moodley, F.Mnculwane (Township Development), D.S.Chetty(Fundraiser), P.Govender (Township Development).                                                           Ray Ramlall –(Executive Secretary)