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Friday, 26 June 2015   (6 Comments)
Posted by: Jacquie Cullis
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Moegamad C. Fataar says...
Posted Friday, 31 July 2015
The law that brought SACAP was enacted by a stroke of a pen and now it appears that by a stroke of a pen I as having more than 40 yrs. experience in the built environment is going to be marginalized by a stroke of a pen, whoever thinks that I will except this lying down, better think again, Carl I think your idea should be taken off the ground, Here in the Cape we have already started the process, we will hook up with you in due course.
Carl B. Oelofse says...
Posted Friday, 24 July 2015
I think all Architectural professionals, from Draughtsmans up to Snr Techs, especially those who are self employed must somehow create a website where we can have a brainstorm session to take some decisive action against the people in SACAP who are behind this stupid idea of changing the IDOW. I take it as a serious offense and a threat when someone is restricting me from doing Architectural work for business clients. I think us as Arch' professionals must stand together, pay a small fee to a legal representative who will stand up for us and fight this. I hope SAIAT will see this and possibly volunteer to assist us with this madness of an idea which SACAP is introducing. If each Arch' professional who is affected by the new IDOW could contribute let say R250 each times let say aprox' 3 to 4000 reg professionals we could be well covered and represented and hopefully SACAP will see how serious this matter is. This may sound premature but my future and food on the table is at a high risk.
Richard Cooper says...
Posted Monday, 13 July 2015
Please can you send list of Approved / Recognised Category 3 associations for CDP
Elaine Lamb says...
Posted Wednesday, 08 July 2015
Where is the subscribe to the newsletter link? I used to receive the newsletter and other notifications and I now see that all kinds of changes are being made and I, for one, have not been notified. SACAP what is happening? Where is the downloads page that has all the current documents on it? Those in busy practices do not have time to keep checking the webpage for updates. SACAP should be making absolutely certain that ALL registered persons are informed of pending changes timeously.
Elaine Lamb says...
Posted Wednesday, 08 July 2015
I also only heard about the IDOW today from a friend who also heard about it from another friend. This is SHOCKING. SACAP has all our email addresses and other information. Any changes that affect our working environment SHOD BE COMMUNICATED TO THE INSTITUTES AND TO ALL PERSONS ON THE REGISTER. Why is a B.Arch only a Grade 8? I did a two degree course - B. Arch Studies followed by B.Arch. Why has this qualification been downgraded???
Leon Havenga says...
Posted Wednesday, 08 July 2015
Good day I was only informed today about the new demarcation of work. Shockingly it was not via SACAP who I would have expected to inform me. I fear that thousands of draftspersons will be without a job if these new amendments are accepted. I sincerely hope that you heed the call to stop this process and consult those that will be hardest hit. Regards