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Guideline for online system -PPE 15 July 2020

Monday, 22 June 2020  
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In preparation for online Professional Practice Exam all candidates are required to read and understand all guidelines outline in this document in preparation for the online examination;

  1. Ensure that you have a fully functional computer e.g. a Desktop or Laptop.
  2. Ensure that you have a stable internet connection.
  3. The online system comprises of a split screen. The top half displays the question and the bottom half is whereby you are required to type in your answers.
  4. All answers are required to be typed in.
  5. Ensure that your system is virus free and all updates have been deactivated as this will slow your system.
  6. Note that the examination opens at a set time and closes at the end of the examination automatically.
  7. All candidates are required to ensure that they manage their time adequately per question so as to complete the examination on time.
  8. Ensure that your system is not left unsupervised for a long space of time as the system will give you 30 seconds to re-activate. Failure to re-activate the system will log you off (terminal the exams) and you will not be able to log back.
  9. The system has a chat so that you can communicate with the invigilator and the administrator,
  10. The exam will start and finish at a specific time on which the system will open and close automatic on the defined time respectively.

    - Paper 01              09:00am-12:30pm
    - Paper 02              13:00am-16:30pm

  11. Do not open any other site or other browser other the one for the online exam page.


SACAP would like to wish all candidates everything of best in their examination.