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SACAP communication to Registered Persons

Tuesday, 14 January 2020  
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Dear Registered Persons

In terms of Section 14 (h) of the Architectural Profession Act, the SACAP Council is mandated to take any steps it considers necessary for the improvement of the standards of services rendered by registered persons.

The SACAP Council has received an overwhelming amount of concerns from local municipalities. These concerns are related to the poor standard of building applications that are resulting in a high number of referrals. On 19 August 2019, the SACAP Council requested all registered persons to submit their concerns regarding local municipalities in relation to the submission of building plan applications. We have received a significant number of concerns and suggestions. 

Following receipt of these concerns and suggestions, on 05 December 2019, the SACAP Council met with the Department of Trade and Industry together with the World Bank Group on Construction permits to discuss the challenges and proposals. The Department of Trade and Industry and the World Bank Group on Construction permits acknowledged the challenges and, in response, they have put together a standard approval process for all local municipalities. In addition, mechanisms are being put in place to improve the turnaround time for approval of Site Development and building plan applications.

The SACAP council would like to thank all registered persons for their feedback and will communicate further on other initiatives to improve the standard services rendered by registered persons. Furthermore, the council would like to encourage registered persons to continue to communicate with SACAP regarding any other concern they may have.