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We are proud to announce our partnership with the Council for Scientific & Industrial Research(CSIR)

Friday, 29 November 2019  
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SACAP’s collaboration with CSIR to boost regulator’s research capabilities

The recently signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP) and leading scientific and technology research organization, the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), will help improve SACAP’s research, development and innovation capabilities; thereby ensuring that SACAP is able to serve its stakeholders effectively.

The two organizations on 15 November 2019 entered into an MoU which will see them collaborate on the following research areas:

a)      Architectural Education and Training (demographics, gender and disability; Decolonization and African Identity; and skills and competence);

b)      Professional Registration and Industry Regulation;

c)      Policy and Legislation (Procurement policies, BBBEE and employment equity);

d)      Practice Studies (work profiles and analytics (type, scale, sector etc.); Thought leadership, management; ownership and tenure Resource (time, productivity and costs); Salaries and fees Innovative business models feedback loops for lessons learned);

e)      Grand challenges (climate change, green buildings, sustainable ecosystems and the environment population growth, urbanism and the role of architectural professionals);

f)    Foresight and Emerging Research (4th Industrial Revolution. E.g. virtual reality, BIM, parametric design, Blockchain technology and the built environment, Blockchain technology and property. Permaculture Microbiome Biomimicry);

g)      Other research areas (Materials and technologies Institutions Global competitiveness and innovative transformative).

“We believe that this five-year MoU will empower SACAP with the required data and knowledge to improve the architectural profession and ensure its sustainability,” SACAP President, Ntsindiso Charles Nduku said.

Mr. Nduku added that with the research topics expected to be undertaken under this MoU, SACAP will be able to provide the Minister of the Department of Public Works Infrastructure and other strategic stakeholders with top notch advice with regard to the architectural profession.

“In today’s world, information is power. Our collaborations with CSIR will empower us with empirical data, to guide and inform our decisions which will see Architectural Profession takes its leading role in defining  \the best and happy Society we want to be through architecture . The data will also guide  us on steps to take in order to  remain sustainable, relevant, in the present and  future. Furthermore, the empirical data will help us take decisions on the transformative programme the profession need to reflect the demographics of our diverse country. ,” Nduku said.

The MoU is one of several strategic partnerships that SACAP has entered into aimed at improving regulations and advancing the profession.