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Professional Practice Examination: 26 September 2019

Monday, 29 July 2019  
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The next Professional Practice Examination (PPE) will take place on 26 SEPTEMBER 2019.  Please note the following important dates:

26 September 2019 -         Examination date.

1 August 2019         -          Applications open;

29 August 2019       -         Closing date for applications to write the PPE;

6 September 2019   -         Confirmation eligibility to write the PPE.



In terms of the PPE Policy, the following requirements must be met before an applicant is eligible to write the PPE:

  • A Candidate can only apply to write the PPE if he/she has completed the full period of required recognised practical experience.  This implies that the Candidate must adhere to the following conditions, before he/she will be allowed to write the PPE:
  • Candidates must have been registered for the following number of months:
    o    A minimum of two years for persons registered as Candidate Architects, Candidate Senior Architectural Technologists and Candidate Architectural Technologists;
    o    A minimum of three years for persons registered as Candidate Architectural Draughtspersons.
  • Candidates must have submitted the required number of Monthly Training Records (MTRs) for the period stated above.
  • The period of internship shall commence on the date of registration, confirmed to the Candidate in the letter confirming their SACAP registration number.
  • MTRs for any period of time that a Candidate has not been registered or that a Candidate has been removed will not be taken into consideration;
  • The minimum value units for each category of experience, as set out in the Practical Training Policy, must have been claimed.
  • All applicants are required to pay the full PPE fee with the submission of this application.
  • No application will be considered without the full payment.




 ·      Standard/Non-Standard Venues:

  •  Standard Venues:
    The Standard Venues are:    Bloemfontein
    Port Elizabeth
                                                              East London
                                                              Cape Town
  •   Non-Standard Venues:


 This form must be submitted if you want to write the examination at any other venue, whether in South Africa or abroad.


 PLEASE ensure that you indicate the city/town that you wish to write in, at the space provided on the form.