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REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL: RFP 01/2019: Internal Audit Services

Friday, 28 June 2019  
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Proposals are invited from suitably qualified and experienced companies in Gauteng for the following:

RFP 01/2019: Internal Audit Services

NB: The BID and SACAP registration form is available on the SACAP website and obtainable at the SACAP Building, 51 Wessel Road, Rivonia¸ Sandton, at a non-refundable fee of R500.00. Payment can be made into the SACAP’s FNB bank account as follows: Account Number: 50411172203; Branch Code: 254005, Reference Number: 100012345

The tender documents plus 5 additional copies of these documents (including the original Specification Document) must be deposited in sealed envelopes on or before the closing date and time into the tender box at the Main Reception area at the above-mentioned address. SACAP reserves the right not to consider any Bid not fully completed.


Terms and Conditions of this Tender

 1.1      Please note that the SACAP reserves the right not to accept the lowest bid or any bid in part or as a whole and if the bid evaluation committee , the bid adjudication committee do not agree on which bid to accept based on this paragraph, the bid has to go to Council for approval. It will award the contract to the bidder who proves to be fully capable of handling the contract and whose bid is technically acceptable and financially advantageous to SACAP.

            1.2       Bids that are late or submitted by post, telegram, fax or e-mail will not be accepted.

1.3        Kindly note that the SACAP is entitled to amend any bid conditions, validity period, specifications or extend the closing date of bid. Any additional information, clarification, correction of errors, or modifications of bidding documents should be sent to each recipient of the original bidding documents in sufficient time before the deadline for receipt of bids to enable bidders to take appropriate actions. Bidders should not be requested or permitted to alter their bids after the deadline for receipt of bids” Request for clarification and the bidder’s responses should be made in writing”

1.4       Amended bids may be sent in an envelope marked *amendment to bid” and should be placed in the tender box before the closing date and time

1.5       All bids must contain sufficient information with regard to relevant experience, depth of skills, technology advancements within the company and flexibility of the company’s processes to adapt to “SACAP’s” requirements. “In addition to price, the bidding documents should specify any factors, which will be taken into account in evaluating bids and how such factors would be quantified or otherwise evaluated”


1.6       Successful applicants will be required to enter into a service level agreement with SACAP in addition to contractual obligations

1.7       SACAP reserves the right without furnishing reasons whatsoever, to award or not to award this bid to any bidder(s) if it (SACAP) deems it fit or not fit notwithstanding the fact that other bidders may have submitted better or equally acceptable bids. The accounting officer/authorities’ prior agreement should be obtained before rejection of all bids, soliciting new bids, or entering into negotiations with identified preferred bidder. This approval should be recorded for auditing purposes”


1.8       Failure to comply with any of the conditions as set out above will invalidate the bid.

SACAP is not bound to accept any Bid and reserves the right to cancel, withdraw or not to award services/bid in respect of the Bidders received, as well as to re-advertise at its sole discretion. Responding to the request does not automatically qualify the suppliers as registered or preferred service providers.

Should you not receive a response within three months of the closing date, please regard your Bid as unsuccessful.

RFP 01/2019: Internal Audit Services

Closing Date: 29 July 2019 at 16H00

Please visit SACAP website to access the Terms of Reference and the SACAP Supplier Registration Form. 

Link to SACAP Supplier Registration Form:$


Link to Terms of Reference:


Contact Person: Mr Paul Leteane Tel No. +27 11 479 5000 or Email address: