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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Friday, 07 June 2019  
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Recognition of prior learning (RPL)


SACAP would like to remind all registered professionals that Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) policy is in place and all professionals who qualify may apply.

What is the purpose of RPL?

RPL will redress past imbalances and assess previously acquire skills, knowledge and experience, with the view to provide an opportunity to registered professionals to articulate from one registration category to the next. The programme allows only for access to elevated professional registration and is not an academic qualification.


Criteria for access to the RPL programme
To articulate to the next registration category, persons registered with SACAP as a Professionals, must meet the following registration categories. 


Two stage process

The RPL programme is a two-phase process, that is preceded by an online registration.  The online registration is done from SACAP’s website.  Applications will only be considered upon receipt of payment of R 2000.00.


Phase 1:  Self-Assessment

Once the application is evaluated to establish eligibility, the applicant will receive a link to the RPL online system.  When following this link, the applicant will have to insert certain information and create their own login details that will give them access to the online self-assessment (Phase 1).

Applicants must, at all times, ensure that they only insert the information of 5 projects during the self-assessment.  Inserting more projects will result in an invalid evaluation at the end of the process and the applicant will not be able to progress to Phase 2.

Phase 2:  Authentication

If, after completing Phase 1, the applicant qualifies, the online assessment will be forwarded to the RPL Assessment Panel.  The Panel will determine whether the applicant can progress to Phase 2.

The applicant will be required to submit a portfolio with the information of the 5 projects that was evaluated during Phase 1, to SACAP.  Instructions with regards to the format of the portfolio will be given to applicants progressing to Phase 2.  The applicant will also be required to appear the RPL assessment panel, in person, to present the Portfolio of their work.