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5th Council communication to all stakeholders

Thursday, 23 May 2019  
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Dear Registered Persons

The 5th Term Council greets all registered persons

The South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP) is the official regulator for the architectural profession. The core mandate of SACAP set standards for persons education and training, professional skills, conduct, performance and ethics; keep a register of persons who meet the standards; approve programmes which persons must complete to register; and take action when registered persons on the register do not meet the standards.

As you are all aware, the 4th Term Council for the Architectural Profession experienced serious challenges due to the controversial leadership under the watch of the former Council President, Dr Yashaen Luckan, and the former Registrar, Ms Marella O’Reilly. 

The majority of the 4th term Council members resigned in protest as they did not want to be part of an administration that was allegedly abusing SACAP funds, with the then President, and the then Registrar, allegedly colluding in the financial mismanagement of SACAP. To exacerbate the situation, the former President of the 4th term Council and the former Registrar took the Minister of the Department of Public Works and SACAP to Court, and used SACAP funds to pay the Attorneys. 

A wide variety of whistle-blowers, including Registered Persons (RPs), Voluntary Associations (VAs), Architects for Change (A4C), and the Public, condemned what was happening under that leadership, at SACAP. This led to the victimisation of certain VAs and RPs who voiced their concerns about corporate failure and maladministration at SACAP. A number of RPs received letters threatening them with disciplinary actions. 

On 5 December 2017, the Minister of the Department of Public Works appointed five interim Council members to fill up the vacant Council positions to enable the 4th term Council to deal with the issues of maladministration and regulation of the architectural profession.

Under very difficult and toxic circumstances, the interim Council led by Ms Letsabisa Shongwe, worked hard to clean up and stamp out maladministration. A forensic investigation which was instituted by both Dr Luckan and Ms Marella O’Reilly, confirmed financial irregularities and maladministration, and named certain 4th term Council members and employees who actively participated in the degradation of SACAP. This was after Dr Luckan and Ms Marella O’Reilly prevented the Minister of Public Works from conducting an independent forensic investigation at SACAP.

Based on the investigation report dated 04 June 2018, one of the many findings highlighted in the report is that of maladministration, and the increasing of the salary of the then Registrar by 81%, without the Council’s approval.

The Minister finally on 18 April 2019, appointed the 5th Term Council and the inauguration took place on 03rd May 2019. The 5th term Council is as follows: Mr. Ntsindiso Charles Nduku (President), Ms. Letsabisa Shongwe (Vice President), Mr. Kevin Bingham, Ms. Mandisa Daki, Mr. Vusi Phailane, Mr. Lufuno Motsherane, Dr Sitsabo Dlamini, Ms. Karuni Naidoo, Mr. Rowan Graham Nicholls, Mr. Mohammed Allie Mohidien and Ms. Lwazikazi Ngodwane.

The first meeting of the 5th Term Council took place on 16th and 17th May 2019 and certain vital resolutions were taken. In a move to bring back clean and transparent governance at SACAP, the 5th Council would like to communicate the following:

·         SACAP will withdraw all threatening letters sent to certain registered persons who were targeted when they supported the A4C petition.

·         SACAP will implement the final investigation report and hold all those implicated accountable.

·         The Chairpersons of all SACAP Committees have been elected and the selection of Committee members is underway. This will allow for all Committees to be completely functional within a month and ready to continue the SACAP work of regulating the profession.

·         The VAs, RPs and public can expect significant progress with regards to finalising the Identification of Work and the publishing of the Professional Fee Guidelines.

·         A new Transformation Committee has been included, with the objective of leading and steering transformation within the profession, as well as integrating transformation within all structures and programmes of SACAP.

·         Shortlisting and interviews of candidates for the Registrar’s position are underway, and the 5th term Council is targeting to appoint the new Registrar by the end of June 2019.

·         A SACAP Stakeholder Engagement Meeting will be held soon to update VAs, RPs, stakeholders and the public about the plans of the 5th term Council.

The 5th term is honoured to serve the architectural profession and is excited to usher in much needed reform as well as a new era of transparency and inclusivity. We look forward to working with you, and aim to proudly return our profession to its rightful place as a respected contributor to our country.


Ntsindiso Charles Nduku

5th term President