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Call for Registered Architectural Professionals to participate in the CBE Occupational Teams

Monday, 10 December 2018  
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Call for Registered Architectural Professionals to participate in the CBE Occupational Teams (OT) for Strategic Infrastructure Projects (SIPs)

The Council for Built Environment (CBE), as an Intermediate Body for Professionals and Associate Professionals, intends to accelerate the development of registered built environment professionals.

To achieve this, the CBE has resolved to establish an Occupational Team (OT) for each built environment profession. On behalf of the CBE, SACAP is looking for registered persons to serve on the OT. This OT will visit institutions, capable of providing the training, to determine:

1. Is Planning profession a scarce skill? (SIPs steps 1 to 9)
2. What must be done to address the identified scarce skills? (SIPs steps 10 to 16)
3. What particular skills are needed in state departments and state owned companies to enhance delivery of the project/s? (SIPs steps 17 to 20)
4. How should the steps outlined above be managed?

Each OT will consist of four specialists; however, one person may be able to cover more than one area:

1. one (or more persons) who is an expert in the teaching of the foundational knowledge required for the occupation/ profession. This person will probably be an experienced lecturer from a university or university of technology
2. one (or more persons) who is an expert in the practical training required by a learner prior to workplace entry. This person may be from a state-owned company or private company or training centre where high level practical training is in place
3. one (or more) employers and/or unionists who are extremely familiar with the work that must be performed once a person is qualified. These people should come from the different sectors in which the occupation is employed - private sector, local government etc. - to provide requisite and up-to-date insight into what preparation is needed and for what work
4. one person to represent the assessing body, who knows in detail what is expected of a person who is qualified i.e. a person who undertakes a final trade test, undergoes an assessment for a licence test or who applies for professional registration

Requirements to participate in the Occupational Team for SIPs:
1. Registered architectural professionals and in good standing with SACAP.
2. Knowledge of the architectural profession
3. Educational background will be an added advantage.
Applications should consist of the following (in the order indicated):
1. An abridged CV (a maximum of three pages) highlighting his/her academic qualifications, professional registrations, expertise and experience;
2. Three contactable referees with full names, designation, organisation, e-mail address and office and cell phone numbers.
As part of the appointment process SACAP reserves the right to request applicants to provide certified copies of qualifications and any other additional information or documentation considered necessary.
Applications should be submitted to SACAP no later than 16:00 on Friday 11 January 2019 on the details below:

BY HAND TO: The Manager: Education & Accreditation
51 Wessel Road
By post to: The Manager: Education & Accreditation
PO Box 1500
By e-mail to: The Manager: Education & Accreditation

All enquiries should be directed to: