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Friday, 14 September 2018  
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The next Professional Practice Examination (PPE) will take place on 31 October 2018.  Please note the following important dates:

31 October 2018               -         Examination date.

14 September 2018 -           Applications open;

3 October 2018                 -         Closing date for applications to write the PPE;

12 October 2018               -         Confirmation eligibility to write the PPE.


As the online MTR system was out of order in July and August 2018, and Candidates were unable to access the MTR system in order to download the summary of their MTRs, the PPE scheduled for October 2018, will be written based on the following:

1.             The stipulation of the existing PPE policy, which states that a candidate is eligible to write the PPE if he/she has completed 50% of the period of internship, remains;

2.             The following will be applicable for this examination only:  

2.1    The eligibility of the candidate to write the PPE will be dependent on whether the candidate has been registered for at least half of the total period of internship.  This will indicate that Candidates must have been registered for the following minimum period of time:

Registration Category

Minimum period of internship to be completed for eligibility

Candidate Architects

A minimum of 12 months*

Candidate Senior Architectural Technologists

Candidate Architectural Technologists

Candidate Architectural Draughtspersons

A minimum of 18 months*

                   *This does not include any period of time that the Candidate’s registration was cancelled for whatever reason.

2.2        The number of MTRs submitted, and the total of the value units claimed will not be taken into consideration when determining the eligibility of the Candidate to write the PPE in October 2018.

2.3        This is a once-off arrangement, made purely as a result of the fact that Candidates have not been able to submit their MTRs.

2.4        Despite the conditions for eligibility to write the examination set out above, Candidates will not be able to apply for an upgrade, after passing the PPE, before they have met all the conditions with regards to the submission of the MTRs, as set out in the MTR policy.


examination fee


There are 2 different application forms available:

1.        PPE:  Application – Standard Venues

Cost R2 057.00 per application

This form must be submitted if you want to write the examination in:

·                Bloemfontein;

·                Cape Town;

·                Durban;

·                East London;

·                Johannesburg;

·                Port Elizabeth or

·                Pretoria


PLEASE ensure that you select only 1 venue.


2.        PPE:  Application – Non-Standard Venues

Cost R4 657.00 per applicant

This form must be submitted if you want to write the examination at any other venue, whether in South Africa or abroad.


PLEASE ensure that you indicate the city/town that you wish to write in, at the space provided on the form.


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