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#FeesMustFall Think Tank : SACAP Call to Action

Monday, 05 December 2016   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Jacquie Cullis
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17h00 for 17h30

(Live video link to start promptly at 17h30)



Given the challenges of state funding for tertiary education and the call for #feesmustfall and the decolonisation of architectural education, what role can the profession play to ensure that education helps the profession maintain its position as being at the apex of conceptualising and creating our Built Environment?

 Who is invited:

1.    Principals and other leaders within architectural practices (invitation to be sent via VAs)

2.    Heads of Schools for Architectural Learning Sites including the chairperson of the National
        Architectural Student Council (NASC).

3.    Leadership of Voluntary Associations (with any of their interested members).

4.    SACAP’s leadership.


Where will it happen:

Those based in and around Johannesburg have been invited to register their interest to attend the discussion at SACAP’s offices, Ground Floor, 51 Wessel Road, Rivonia (we can accommodate a maximum of 40 people). If you would still like to register your attendance, please email by no later than 10pm on Monday 5 December or Tel : 011 479 – 5000.

Those based outside of Gauteng are invited to “virtually” join the conversation through being in contact with the seven (7) participating Voluntary Associations (VAs) (please note that the following VAs are unable to participate on the day - IID, PIA a Region of SAIA, CIfA a Region of SAIA, SAIA Free State SAIA Border Kei and South African Institute of Draughting).

The seven (7) VAs will link to the Think Tank via video conferencing. SACAP’s video conferencing facility can only accommodate eight such links which is why only eight “virtually located” VA meetings spots are available. Each of the participating VAs will be given exact and detailed instructions by SACAP on Monday 5 December to guide them on how to link to SACAP’s video conferencing app.

Contact details for participating VAs are listed below.

Who will facilitate the Think Tank?

Ashraf Garda is a media host in South Africa. He is a radio presenter on SAfm and hosts the show "Media@SAfm", as well as SAfm's "Afternoon Talk”. He will direct the conversation and extract salient points from all Think Tank participants in the room and those connecting via video conference.

How everyone can prepare:

1.    All interested individuals to identify burning questions or creative solutions in relation to the focus of the Think Tank. Feed these through to the provided email address of the VA to which you belong by no later than 11am Monday 5 Decembercontact details listed below.

2.    Each VA leader to use their discretion to narrow down the burning questions/creative solutions/comments to four (4) key areas that they believe will add value to the Think Tank discussion. These will focus the start of the Think Tank discussion. Each VA is to please ensure that these reach Jacquie Cullis at SACAP on: by no later than 3pm on Tuesday 6 December. She will pass them on to the facilitator so he can prepare ahead of the event.

3.    Each VA has identified one person to be the representative and spokesperson to engage with the facilitator during the live Think Tank discussion with the facilitator. Please note that due to the nature of the event, the selection of a representative is vital to harnesses the input of all present. If you would like to join that representative in person during the Think Tank, please advise the representative by sending him/her an email. (See contact details below).

If you want to participate in the live event:

1.    Please check if your VA will be participating and from what venue they will be computer linked to SACAP’s video conferencing.

2.    The event is limited to 90 minutes in duration and will start promptly at 17h30 and end at 19h00. Please therefore arrive at the venue by no later than 17h00.

3.    Those VAs handling the technical process of linking in to the video conference will need to do so by AT LEAST 16h30 in order to allow for any unforeseen technical issues that may need to be resolved.

What will happen post Think Tank?
Recommendations made during the Think Tank will be recorded and tabled thereafter to the Education Committee and Council.


1.    South African Institute of Architects (SAIA) Tel : 011 782
Members of SAIA can email their questions/comments to
No video conferencing facilities available.
The CEO of SAIA will attend the discussion at SACAP offices. Interested SAIA members can request to join the Think Tank at SACAP’S offices in Rivonia by RSVP to

2.    Gauteng Institute for Architecture a Region of SAIA (GIfA) Tel : 011 403 0954
Members of GIfA can email their questions/comments to
No video conferencing facilities. President of GIfA will attend the discussion at SACAP offices. Interested GIfA members can request to join the Think Tank at SACAP’S offices in Rivonia by RSVP to

3.    South African Institute for Building Design (SAIBD) Tel : 031 202 4726
Members of SAIBD can email their questions/comments to
The President and EXCO committee will participate from one computer at the Lifestyle Centre (Old Lion Match Building) 892 Umgeni Rd, Durban. Interested SAIBD members can request to join them there.

4.    SAIA KZN Region of the South African Institute of Architects Tel : 031 201 7590
Members of SAIA KZN can email their questions/comments to
No video conferencing facilities available. The President of SAIA KZN will participate from his own computer.

5.    The South African Institute of Architectural Technologists (SAIAT) Tel: 011 622 3168
Members of SAIAT can email their questions/comments to
President and EXCO to link in to video conference from SAIAT Offices and welcomes up to 15 members to join: Suite 9A, Ground Storey Sovereign House, Cnr. Sovereign- and Mullins Streets, Bedfordview. 15 members max.

6.    Freedom Architecture Consulting Empowerment (FACE) Tel : 082 965 0922
Members of FACE can email their questions/comments to
The President and EXCO committee invite members to join them to participate from a room with a computer link at: The German Club, 7 Barham Rd, Westville, Durbn

SAIA Eastern Cape, Eastern Cape Region of the South African Institute of Architects
Tel: 041 585 8037
Members of SAIA Eastern Cape can email their questions/comments to
The President invites members to join the discussion from video conferencing facility available at SVA International: 1st Floor, AA Building, 224 Rink Street, Port Elizabeth Central.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as SACAP forges new territory, using technology to make this Think Tank cost effective and as all-inclusive as possible.