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SACAP - Registratiion FAQ
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How do I register if I have foreign qualifications?

Complete the ‘Evaluation of Foreign Qualifications’ application form available on the SACAP website under downloads. Thereafter the standard registration process will take place.How do I upgrade to a higher category of registration?

You need to pass the Professional Practice Examination and then proceed with the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Assessment. The RPL Process is currently under revision. No RPL Assessments will take place until further notice.Do I need to renew my registration?

Yes, you will need to renew your registration every five years.
(Refer to the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) category below)What do I need in order to submit plans to the Local Authorities?

SACAP Registered Professionals may submit plans to Local Authorities.

The following documents are required for plan submission:
1. Proof of SACAP Registration - certified copy of original SACAP Registration certificate (Council number).
2. Original Compliance Certificate - signed by Registered Professional submitting the plans (see downloads section of the SACAP website for Compliance Certificate)How long does the registration process take?

Once all required documentation has been received, SACAP will strive to process your application within 15 working days. An incomplete application will delay the process so applicants should ensure that you supply all requested details and documentation.Can I fax my application?

No, as we require an original signed application with your CV, payment of the registration fee and certified copies of your qualifications (where applicable).Can my application be rejected and if so, what happens to the registration fee paid?

Yes, your application can be rejected. SACAP will notify you in writing regarding the reason/s for the unsuccessful application. Please note that the registration fee is non-refundable.Who determines in what category an applicant will be registered?

It is the duty of the Registrar to ensure that all registrations are placed within the correct category.What are the categories of registration?
Professional Architect Professional Senior Architectural Technologist Professional Architectural Technologist Professional Architectural Draughtsperson Candidate Architect Candidate Senior Architectural Technologist Candidate Architectural Technologist Candidate Architectural DraughtspersonCan I register without any formal qualifications?

Yes you can register, depending on your recent, relevant experience.
The Registration Unit will evaluate your application and advise further.What is registration based on?

Registration is based on academic qualifications, experience, or a combination thereof.How much does it cost to register?

SCHEDULE OF OTHER FEES AND CHARGES (1 April 2011 - 31 March 2012)
Candidates : R830.00 (incl. 14% VAT) (Initial Registration - once off)

ANNUAL FEES (1 April 2011 - 31 March 2012)
Professionals: R2107.00 (incl. 14% VAT)
Candidates: R900.00 (incl. 14% VAT)

Please visit the SACAP website section on REGISTRATION - FEES to view more information about the Annual and Schedule of Other Fees and Charges (1 April 2011 - 31 March 2012)
How do I register?

Complete the appropriate registration form (available under REGISTRATION - HOW TO REGISTER AND DOWNLOADS section on the SACAP website) and return with the relevant documentation and payment as indicated in the form.What is the role of SACAP?

SACAP’s primary role is to protect the public, which it does through the following:Registering professionals Renewing registrations Developing and registering appropriate qualifications Accrediting programmes at higher learning institutions Regulating activities within the architectural profession via a Code of Conduct and a Disciplinary Procedure Facilitating and auditing the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) process Developing and implementing the Identification of Work process Developing and updating the recommended Professional Tariff of Fees Amending legislation as and when necessary Ensuring the public and registered persons are kept abreast of developments within the sectorWhen did registration become compulsory?

Registration was compulsory from the 1st July 2006.Why do I need to register?

According to Section 18 (2) & (3) of the Architectural Profession Act 2000 (Act No 44 of 2000):
A person may not practise in any category unless registered with SACAP;
A person registered in the category of Candidate must perform work in the architectural profession only under the supervision and control of a professional of a category prescribed
(see SACAP Policyr0007 Practical Training and Examination Policy)
Registration in a Professional category thus allows you to practice architecture and submit plans to the municipalities for approval.

Who must register?

Any person providing architectural services of any nature.
According to Section 18(2) of the Architectural Profession Act 2000 (Act 44 of 2000), a person may not practice in any category unless registered with the Council.
According to Section 26(3)(a) a person who is not registered may not perform any kind of work identified for any category of registered persons.