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SACAP Launches Monthly Training Records (MTR's) Online Module - 14 July 2015

14 July 2015   (25 Comments)
Posted by: Jacquie Cullis
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Great News!!! SACAP launches Monthly Training Records (MTR's) Online Module - 14 July 2015.

After months of development and testing, SACAP is proud to announce that the much anticipated launch of the Monthly Training Records is here and available to all SACAP 
Registered Candidates and their Mentors. Candidates are now able to complete all MTR's online. 

A launch communication will be sent to all Candidates today, informing them how to LOG IN and complete the MTR Online module.

Mentors will also be linked to their Candidate Registered Person,once the Candidate has selected the Mentor.This information will appear in the Professional Mentor's profile on YM.

1. Click on the following hyperlink to access the MTR Online Module directly.
2. Click on the following hyperlink to access the MTR Online Module Tutorial which will assist
    Candidates in completing the process online.
3. Click on the following PRACTICAL TRAINING section of the website to read more.

The following dates are IMPORTANT for Candidates to note regarding the launch of the MTR Module:

Grace period: 14 July 2015 - 30 September 2015
Candidates have been given a ‘grace period’ to submit all monthly training records online.  
During this period, candidates are allowed to submit training records, from date of registration,
regardless of whether your MTR’s were submitted before or not.

End of Grace period for backdated MTR’s records - 30 September 2015
Candidates will no longer be able to submit ‘back dated’ training records from the 30th September onwards. 

MTR Online Module enquiries should be directed to the SACAP Contact Centre via the CONTACT US section of the website.



Chelsea N. Pedersen says...
Posted 10 April 2018
Hi there, I am new to SACAP and I am having difficulty with the MTR's. Can someone please inform me on how my mentor can sign off my MTR's online? Would he login to the same MTR site which I use to login to my MTR's and would his username and password be identical to the ones he uses to login to his SACAP profile? I would appreciate any help or advice. Thank you in advance.
S'khumbuzo Mtebe Mr says...
Posted 08 May 2017
Hi lovely people I am suffering from the struggle of not having access to my login. Please help as to how to Login. Here is my email for assistance / 078 432 3371 for WhatsUp assistance. Thank you in Advance.
Jessica Burgess says...
Posted 13 March 2017
Hi there, I am also unsure as to how my mentor can sign off my MTR's? Some assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.
David K. Gray says...
Posted 14 December 2016
How does my mentor sign off my Monthly Training Records???
Sirhan Seedat says...
Posted 28 November 2016
how do i send a link to my mentor to certify my mtr?????
Ricardo Ludick says...
Posted 30 November 2015
I can not upload/update my MTR's. Website is offline.
Cleopas T. Mkhwanazi says...
Posted 30 November 2015
Hi Freddie, I have the profile Profile Setting up document as a guideline but still this does not work. Please advise.
Eugene T. Ncube says...
Posted 06 October 2015
How on earth is this MTR website working for some people? I have tried everything, and am awaiting some sort of correspondence from Freddie...
Burton H. Witbooi says...
Posted 30 September 2015
I Have the same problem since last week
Michael Weideman says...
Posted 30 September 2015
can SACAP please help. i am sure i am not the only one with this problem of login on to the mtr due to an error. I think it puts every candidate under tremendous pressure to meet the date of grace period. hopefully someone can shed some light on the subject. I spoke to the call center and the lady mentioned of the grace period for submission will be extended to the 31 October 2015, due to the technical difficulties they are experiencing on their side. Could SACAP please confirm weather this is true? it will lift allot of weight of all candidate shoulders
Jodine Bosse says...
Posted 29 September 2015
Can someone help. I have been trying to log my training records the whole day and the page keeps on giving errors and now it tells me it cant be displayed. I need to submit if before the deadline tomorrow. And my registration date is also not correct.
Senamile P. Mohlakoana says...
Posted 28 September 2015
Hi, Please help, How do I send a link to my mentor for approval of my records?
Suzette P. Botes says...
Posted 27 September 2015
This is crazy! I am trying my best and am highly frustrated as I simply can't get into MTR site to log my training records. Please help. I will keep on trying though and am HOPING to get somehow. Please help
Jamandile Mcoteli Sr says...
Posted 01 September 2015
Hi.I am having trouble logging on as well.Please help.
Jessica Burgess says...
Posted 20 August 2015
Hi, I am also struggling to login to the Monthly Training Record System. My candidate number/ussername and password combination are reflecting as "Invalid". Can anyone assist?
Eugene T. Ncube says...
Posted 17 August 2015
Hello! I'm unable to register with the credentials I was given on the Monthly training Module, cannot password retrieve because Captcha does not display properly, nor can I leave comments on the main page, is this website under maintenance?
Rodney Matentshi says...
Posted 17 August 2015
Hi. I cannot log-in/activate my online MTR system, can anyone help?
Jean Du Plooy says...
Posted 17 August 2015
Hi. I cannot log-in/activate my online MTR system, can anyone help?
Lewis Clark B. Wolf says...
Posted 11 August 2015
Hey guys, it seems the monthly training record capture page only extends back to October 2013. I can see this is a period spans exactly 2 years, is this intentional? I have been sending my timesheets in since June 2013 and have 1 month of training remaining to logg the required credits due to changing jobs etc. Am I missing something, is there a way to logg timesheets prior to October 2013? Please advise.
Joao P. Pinto says...
Posted 05 August 2015
Logging in MTR Online doesn't work at all. So I tried with the "LOST PASSWORD" button, in "" the CAPTCHA doesn’t appear even on all internet platforms e.g. IE, Chrome and Opera and FireFox. It seems the error or faulty is on your SACAP's side. Await for your assistance?
Andrew L. Strickland says...
Posted 05 August 2015
I started my application to register as a Candidate Architectural Draughtsperson on the 06/15 and made sure that any payments that was required was made. Once my payment had been confirmed I queried the lead-time to the acceptance process and was given an accurate time frame. On the 20th day I logged on to my profile only to see that my candidate number had been added to my profile; with this I assume that all had gone well with my application and I have been granted acceptance, yet I had not and still have not received any written confirmation of my acceptance or any terms and conditions from SACAP. I’ve also noticed a “membership upgrade” tab pop up under my membership info, which I presume is the annual fee payment. Though, I had not been notified of any other payments due or any further steps that need to be taken since my original application. With all of the above, I’m not entirely sure what the next step is as I have had no feed back or contact from SACAP
Thuso G. Selebi says...
Posted 30 July 2015
Hi. I cannot log-in/activate my online MTR system, can anyone help?
Dewald A. Carstens says...
Posted 17 July 2015
Does anyone know if these backdated training records apply to original registration date or re-rigistration date? I re-rigistered in the amnesty period.
Moegamat S. Abrahams says...
Posted 16 July 2015
Freddie thanks for your help and the prompt response.....
Sinenhlanhla P. Shandu says...
Posted 15 July 2015
Thank you Freddie for assisting me, everything is sorted now