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All MONTHLY TRAINING RECORDS (MTR's) can only be submitted online from 14 July 2015.

Please click on the following hyperlink to access the MTR ONLINE MODULE and capture ALL records online.

Click on the following hyperlink to access the MTR TUTORIAL which have been provided to assist Candidates with the following: SETTING UP YOUR PROFILE, CAPTURING CREDITS AND SUBMISSION OF MONTHLY TRAINING RECORDS.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION for CANDIDATES to note regarding the launch of the MTR Module

Beta Testing for pre-launch: 01–14 July 2015
A selection of Candidates will  test the system before the launch

Launch date: 14 July 2015
Candidates will be able start using the online MTR system.

Grace period: 14 July 2015 - 30 September 2015
Candidates will be given a ‘grace period’ to submit all monthly training records online.  
During this period, candidates can submit training records, from date of registration,regardless of whether these were submitted before or not.

End of Grace period for backdated MTR’s records - 30 September 2015

Candidates will no longer be able to submit ‘back dated’ training records.  
The closing date for monthly submission will remain, as submission must be between 0 –15 of each month (January – 
December annually).



·        Practical training complements the academic education of the prospective professional by adding knowledge and

        experience which are fundamental to the profession and can only be obtained in practice.
·        The candidate is solely responsible for obtaining such practical training and for furnishing proof thereof.
·        The training must take place under the supervision of a person, registered in a Professional Registration category with
        SACAP, equal to or above that of the candidate.


·        The candidate is responsible for completing the monthly training records on the application on the SACAP website.
·        The submission must be approved by the employer/mentor before being submitted to SACAP.
·        Submission must reach SACAP electronically, within two weeks of the end of each month.


·        The length of the training period is a minimum of two years for persons registered as Candidate Architects, Candidate
        Senior Architectural Technologists and Candidate Architectural Technologist.
·        A minimum of three years for persons registered as Candidate Architectural Draughtspersons.
·        The period of internship shall commence only after a candidate has been registered by SACAP.

All Practical Training enquiries can be directed to the SACAP Professional Statutory Services (PSS) unit via the SACAP website on the CONTACT US section.


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